Unable to migrate og nft to new version

hello i need help! I am trying to migrate my og nft to the new version but its just stuck on the loading screen without approving anything on the site. Tho on my metamask wallet it says approved? so im not sure what is happening! thank you, here is my address: 0xf59997cB533B85A956dd71C630a2a2764F5f78B1

Hello! Please, first of all put this RPC:

Prime Numbers now has its own RPC Node on the XDC Network! Within your chosen wallet find the Add Network option and fill out the details in the photo on the left hand side. As a backup add the XDC Network RPC too by filling out the details in the photo on the right hand side.

For guidance and more information about the Prime Numbers RPC Node have a read of the article below…

Alternatively, watch our tutorial below which guides you through the process of adding a network to your MetaMask wallet.

Second: Migrate

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