Unable to Connect Metamask to Prime Number Staking

Hi -
I am trying to migrate my v1 nft to v3 nft. I followed the steps to setting up the prime number network, as well as, xdc network to metamask using my privatekey on xdcpay and the network information provided through telegram community chat.

My metamask shows my prnt tokens and nft, however, when I try to connect to primenumbers.staking, my NFT does not load. I tried clicking PRNT Staking V1, and V2 at the bottom of the page.

Please advise…

this is the blockscan for my nfts.

Hello! Our devs are looking into it! Wait around 24h! We will update you here!

Okay - any progress or anything I can do on my side?

We solved your case few days ago. Just connect your wallet with every other wallet in disable mode. Then migrate the NFTs.

The Prime Numbers Staking NFTs need to be migrated to a new Smart Contract. The PRNT Staking NFTs are being migrated to version 3 (V3) and the XDC Staking NFTs are being migrated to version 2 (V2).

Do not engage with anyone who messages you asking if you need help with the migration. They are a scammer, nobody from Prime Numbers will message you privately! All the information you need can be found in our two guides below so please make sure you read it in full as we’ve written it so hopefully nobody will have any questions as it’s a very simple process.

To migrate your PRNT Staking NFT read the article below…

To migrate you XDC Staking NFT read the article below…

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