When will I receive my lockNFT 7% reward?

Dear staff,

I would like to ask.
When will I receive my lockNFT 7% reward? And How can I check that amount on your website?
I remember My locked NFT started on 11 April 2023. Already spent 1 year and 1 month,


Dear Staff,

How are the extra 7% rewards to lock-up NFTs shown below distributed? Please explain in detail.

  • The “Lock NFT” Button
    Pressing this button allows you to lock your NFT up in one of the Prime Numbers XDC master nodes, which earns you an extra 7% per year in rewards. This button locks this NFT for one year and one month to earn an additional 7% APY. When your NFT reaches the MAX LIMIT (100 000 $XDC staked inside the NFT), you can lock the NFT to get this reward. Locked NFTs cannot utilize Burn To Redeem, Merge NFTs, or Withdraw XDC features.

Hello! You got your reward in your wallet until last month(April) 583 XDC per Month.
After April the reward goes inside the NFT. You can see everything on staking.primenumbers.xyz