Prime Numbers Labs Community Guidelines

Prime Numbers Labs Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Prime Numbers Labs Community! As a diverse and global forum, we celebrate the multitude of perspectives each member brings to our collaborative space. Our community thrives on mutual respect, kindness, and a shared commitment to fostering an inclusive, supportive, and productive environment.

Core Principles

  1. Respect and Kindness: Treat all community members with kindness and respect. We are a community of friends and colleagues, united in our passion for Prime Numbers Labs.
  2. Diversity and Inclusion: Honor the diversity of our community. Our strength lies in our varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.
  3. Collaboration Over Conflict: Strive for collaboration. Approach disagreements with an open mind and a spirit of compromise.
  4. Safe and Supportive Environment: We have zero tolerance for demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior. NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and offensive content are strictly prohibited.
  5. Authentic Participation: Engage in discussions genuinely and actively. Your contributions should aim to foster constructive dialogue and community growth.
  6. Long-Term Community Wellbeing: Act in ways that support and promote the long-term health of the community. Your actions should reflect a commitment to the community’s collective success.

Participation Guidelines

  • No Spam or Unapproved Promotions: Spam, cyberthreats, cyberbullying, and unauthorized promotions are not tolerated.
  • Relevance and Repetition: Avoid posting the same message across multiple categories or repeatedly in the same category. Ensure your messages contribute meaningfully to the discussions.
  • Category Compliance: Stay on topic. Make sure your posts align with the specific category’s theme or subject matter.
  • Support and Security: Open a support ticket for sensitive inquiries, including those involving your account’s public key. Never share your Secret Recovery Phrase or private key, even with support admins.
  • Language: Submit posts in English to ensure they are accessible and searchable by all community members.

Pro Tips

  • Protect your privacy and security by never sharing your Secret Recovery Phrase or private keys.
  • Stick to one issue per post to help the community address your concerns more efficiently.


Why was my post or comment deleted?

  • Posts or comments may be removed if they violate our guidelines, are repetitive, or fail to contribute constructively to the conversation. For security reasons, any content containing sensitive account information will also be deleted.

Why haven’t I received a response from an admin?

  • Our admins strive to engage with as many inquiries as possible. However, the community support forum is designed for member-to-member assistance. For specific issues requiring direct support, please submit a support ticket, and our team will assist you via email.

By joining and participating in the Prime Numbers Labs Community, you agree to uphold these guidelines, fostering a respectful, inclusive, and vibrant environment for all members.