Unable to withdraw XDC from NFT’s

I was able to withdraw XDC from three of my NFT’s before receiving errors on the fourth NFT. I restaked the XDC back into the three NFT’s successfully and tried withdrawing again, but this time with different NFT’s. I was able to withdraw the XDC from three NFT’s before receiving errors on the fourth NFT again. Is there a limit on withdraws per day? The NFT’s I’m trying to withdraw from are not locked and there is gas in the wallet.

Hello! There is no limit.

Would you try again one more time?

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Hey Arturo,

It let me do three more then started failing transactions again. For some reason it looks like there is a limit of three.

Hello! Would you be able to try again?

I was able to get a few more this time, but back to failing transactions.

Hello again. Would you try again?
We are sorry for this problem with your wallet.

Problem fixed, thank you!

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Perfect! I will mark this as solved!